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Kay is so very gifted. She took the time from the very beginning to really listen to me and my needs. Throughout our session things were not very clear to me at first I was able to get to a scene, but she held space for me and just guided me to feel what was going on, even in the darkness. We discovered something was actually very powerful from the darkness. That you don’t necessarily have to come up with a scene to get answers. I immediately felt lighter after the session and ended up having the best week that I have had in a long time.

She then took the time to call and check on me after that first week.

I really appreciate her continued follow up. It shows that she not only takes pride in what she does, but that she truly cares about her client and their outcome. I have learned how to have joy again in my life thanks to my session with Kay. I would recommend her to anyone.

Crystal, USA

Hi Kay! I’m getting on fantastically. I’ve noticed I’m not tripping over words and what to say to people, mostly noticeable in surface level chats and meaningless interactions which I would always struggle with before. I’ve found organising my house much easier the clutter was really getting me down and for some reason now, I find myself capable of tackling it and tackle it I have – to a point where I now have the head space to devote myself to creative projects within the house AND!!! Massive for me; today I went to view a workspace in an artist studio

Life just feels good and happy and calm.

Katie, UK

Kay was God sent to me and I truly believe she is my fairy godmother. I decided to choose Kay as I had long Covid and she had fibromyalgia that she is now fully recovered from. From the very first time I spoke to her, I knew she understood me like no other person. And I could trust her and I have told her things that I never ever dared to say aloud before. And just like she predicted, there were a lot of issues that came up with each session. And she guided me through them all with such ease and naturality that I often forgot that I was in a therapy session. And despite knowing what to expect in sessions, each one blew my mind! Kay has a natural, instinctive way of guiding you and understanding you that a session we planned for weight loss ended up with me finding my life purpose! She knew what I needed more than myself and she has been my ultimate support and guru in the worst time of my life. And I cannot thank her enough!I am definitely recovering and my life has transformed immensely as I have changed the way in which I treat myself and others around me.If you want to get rid of your past traumas, find true happiness and become the best version of yourself, choose Kay as your guide and you will reach there sooner than you ever imagined possible.

R.N., UK

Kay helped me see where I had been stuck in the past and how that could be holding back my healing. She has the most amazing way with her and is very much a natural people person. She is very intuitive and empathic.

L.V., UK

Kay is amazing! I went to her because I was struggling with a vicious cycle of insomnia. I was at my wits end and barely functioning. She was able to quickly and easily get me into deep hypnosis, and dive into the deeper workings of why I wasn’t sleeping. I was able to release years of trauma and understand that I could get a restful and rejuvenating sleep by releasing the negative energy and the anxiety from my body that went with it, as well as in my mind. After the session, I listened to the recording of the transformation that she sent every night and have been sleeping well ever since. Kay provides excellent after care by checking up on me and offering resources to continue my transformation.


I got in touch with Kay as I was struggling with my motivation. She quickly helped me understand where the lack of motivation stemmed from & in the following sessions helped me turn my thinking round so that now I am enjoying tackling things that previously I was avoiding. I can highly recommend Kay.

C.G., UK

Kay gently and compassionately guided me through a very deep and releasing process. Thank you for a fantastic release.


Before I saw Kay for RTT to help I had just shortly before received a diagnosis for ADHD , I didn’t know what exactly I wanted from the session but I knew that it was a part of my life that I wanted to address for its disruption. After our initial consultation Kay asked all of the right questions for me to realise what I wanted from the session and I had the most incredible release (I was a sobbing mess) I feel like we really went back to some deep and dark places and after the session I felt a lot lighter and a couple of weeks later I feel very much balanced and at peace and it no longer feels disruptive to my life. I am so grateful that Kay could help me reach this wonderful place which I thought was never possible after just a session . I’m absolutely delighted.

S.A., UK

“The point of power is always in the present moment. Claim your power.” Louise Hay

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