A great day starts with a great night’s sleep

Giving you the energy to live life to the fullest


Is a lack of sleep leaving you run down and exhausted, irritable, and moody and preventing you from reaching your full potential?

As someone who suffered with night terrors, disturbed sleep and restless legs for over 45 years, I know first-hand just how debilitating poor sleep can be, whether from bad dreams, interrupted sleep, trouble falling or staying asleep.

I tried everything and although some remedies worked for a while my issues with sleep would soon return.

Thanks to RTT and a holistic approach I now enjoy peaceful, restful, restorative sleep

The difference it has made to my life is unmeasurable.

Gone are the mornings struggling to get out of bed, feeling groggy, irritable and needing to reach for caffeine and sugar to get through the day, my skin, my relationships, moods, and energy levels have all improved just through restoring my sleep.


The Perfect Sleep Program

I was so impressed with how rapidly RTT resolved my sleep issue that I decided to train to become an RTT practitioner and Sleep Coach, now using this approach and my knowledge of holistic health and fitness I have designed my Healing Dreams program to help others restore their sleep and reclaim their life.

Using a combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and coaching to evaluate every area of your life and how it affects your sleep I facilitate a journey towards positive change and freedom, allowing you to say “Goodnight” and enjoy all the benefits of restorative sleep.

The six week “Healing Dreams” program comprises of:
  • Zoom consultation
  • 7 day sleep diary
  • Advice on how to improve your environment for optimising sleep
  • RTT session to discover and finally understand the root course of your sleep issue, reframe and transform it.
  • Bespoke audio recording
  • Weekly coaching calls to discuss progress, health, diet and all factors which could affect sleep will  be discussed
  • Full support and  additional tools to help you reclaim your sleep and confidently say “Goodnight”
  • Final Zoom meeting to discuss and record all the positive changes and advice moving forward.

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